Straight down from the heavens

They came some sunny day

A group of pale skinned humanoids

To wipe the States away

No one saw them coming

And they will never leave

To think or expect otherwise

Would be careless and naïve


They surely did their research

They picked their spot to land

A continent filled with promise

But that promise had to end

For the current population

Who were greatly overwhelmed

And the ones who didn’t run

They were heavily compelled


No one knows where they came from

No one knows why they left

But everyone is telling tales

Of their plundering and theft


They sewed havoc and destruction

They tore all the buildings down

Burned down every house and highway

Until nothing could be found

The citizens, diminished

Had no other option than

To flee across the mountains

And the ocean and the land


Until the pale skinned humanoids

Had the continent for themselves

They planted special seeds they brought

From their interstellar lands

The vegetation flourished

Underneath the northern sun

The creatures thrived and reproduced

Like it was theirs all along


They made up their own language

They made up their own rules

They built their roads and houses

Using all the proper tools

With no one there to challenge them

Their ideas were limitless

The earth itself it functioned

As their constant stimulus


No one knows where they came from

No one knows why they left

But everyone is telling tales

Of their plundering and theft


The continent transformed

Into a green, lush habitat

With resources abundant

A bright future lay ahead

The adjacent colonies

Turned their heads and gazed

Their eyes were full of wonder

They were baffled and amazed


It wasn’t that much later

The first knock on the door

If the humanoids could spare a spot

For the hungry and the poor

They didn’t even open

“How dare they even ask?

Don’t they know creating this

was such a heavy task?”


“We’re the fundament and origin”

Said the pale skinned humanoids

“We’ve shaped this continent

While they were playing with their toys.

We are the rightful rulers.

Our reign is meant to be.

And anyone who begs to differ

Is a fool, too blind to see.”


No one knows where they came from

No one knows why they left

But everyone is telling tales

Of their plundering and theft

No one knows where they came from

And why they left their home

But we all know those without sin

Are the first to cast the stone


Straight down from the heavens

They came some sunny day

A group of pale skinned humanoids

To make a clean slate

No one saw them coming

But no one ever does…





Oh, my Josephine

On a train you went

To go and meet with your friends

In the city

Up to the ones

I never got to meet

I never got to greet

It’s a pity


Darling, don’t ask

I’m spreading my wings

While you lay in our bed

Dreaming your dreams

‘bout what you could’ve had

And drinking your problems away


Oh, my Josephine

Are you meeting a stranger?

While here in our manger

Lies our little sprout

What does he have?

Is he tall, dark and handsome?

Or am I chasing phantoms

Fearing you will back out?


Darling, don’t fret

Before you awake

I will lie in our bed

Holding you close

With a thought in my head

“My life is slipping away”


Oh, my Josephine

What have you seen?

In your travels and dreams

You are farthest away

Do your pretty blue eyes

Search for a shiny-armored knight

To father our child

In a better way?


Darling, don’t speak

Your poisonous jealousy is at its peak

My shoulders are heavy

And my knees are weak

And all I want is a new day


Oh, time slips away

Hours into days

Days into years

These poisonous hearts

Lead us into the dark


Oh, my Josephine

I will do what you ask

If you hand me a task

I will do it

I am committed

To do what it takes

If a difference it makes

I will prove it


Darling, don’t try

We’re way past the point

Of the how’s and the why’s

So tonight, go to sleep

Close your pretty brown eyes

Let your dreams take you away


And darling, don’t ask

Where I am in the morning

I gave you fair warning

Don’t check the baby room

Walk down the hallway

Open the door when the bell rings at eight


Oh, my Josephine

Tomorrow at the breakfast table

Pour the milk that I labeled

Into your black coffee cup

And drink it up slowly

I don’t mind being lonely

As long as I am the only

Man raising our son


Oh darling, our child

Will live like a king

With the trust you’ll provide

I’ll take the train

And move into the night

Share in the wealth someday


Oh, my Josephine

The train’s almost here

But did I just hear our old coffee machine?





When Bobby moved out of town

Voices hushed and eyebrows raised

Said goodbye to his mother J.

Bobby moved out of town

Over the hills, beyond the mountains

To where not a soul has heard his name

Twice the kid that got away

Bobby had quite the fame


First time when the doorbell rang

Second time when he left his mother’s home

First time by the early morning train

First time in the early morn’

Second time when he ventured on his own

Into a life that’s out the game


Bobby, he left me no choice

He had a dark and poisoned heart

Over the hills, so far apart

I hope you find your voice


When Bobby moved out of town

People mumbled ‘bout his past

The money from his long-lost dad

Still on the bank account they shared

Thinkin’ “so long, mother of mine”

With only freedom on his mind.                

Everyone wanted a piece of the pie, mostly her

But Bobby got out of town


All the doubts of that day

The events, now so far away

He was still so young

With a clue of what his mother might have done

You take a picture

And enjoy it while it lasts

She might have the money

But she will never have the best

Of you


‘cause Bobby moved out of town

Left every memory behind                

He still dreams about them train tracks, from time to time      

But Bobby is mostly alright


I’m so sorry, so sorry my son

I just wanted you out

I pray to the angels every night

That you will make me proud

I’m so sorry, I just wanted you

To have the future I never had

And he just got in the way

He just got in the way of that



The Passenger (Parts 1 & 2)


The first thing he encountered was a land of rock and ice

It first looked uninhabited, he had to look twice

The people all wore thick coats, to defy the windy whirls

Down came the grey-cloaked passenger, out from another world


There were only tiny little pieces of the land

Where the people could easily settle on the ice-covered sand

And they each prayed to their gods, the long forgotten few

That they would favor them at the expense of the new


The next thing that he saw was a wasteland of red sand

The people there were hungry, they had beliefs to defend

They rode up on their chariots while pointing with their spears

Their eyes showed a mixture of hatred, pain and fear


There was just enough of food to go around

But greed and selfishness were quite more abound

And the veil of ancient ways caused obstructed little views

To celebrate the old at the expense of the new


The passenger rides on…


The next thing he encountered was a land of stone and dust

The people there had problems with affection, love and trust

The sting of something taken caused infections way too deep

And their posture made it clear for all wandering eyes to see


There was beauty in the wasteland, scattered all around

But all the eyes were busy with the powder on the ground

They did not believe in a third or second chance

And didn’t give the passenger a fleeting look or glance


The passenger rides on…


The last thing that he saw was a city made of light

The people were abundant and pressed together tight

And everyone was fighting for their version of the truth

But he knew all these trees they grew from the very same roots


The silent grey-cloaked horseman moved across the great divide

From hemisphere to hemisphere, into the dead of night

And everywhere he went and everywhere he came

He saw the very same things, under a variety of names

He saw the very same things, under a variety of names